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Adoption is one of the most personal decisions anyone can make, whether you are a birth parent or hopeful adopting parents. Drawing on 30 years of experience, I know adoption law and can answer your questions, explain procedures, timing, and costs whether you are a birth mother or adopting parents.

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Focusing On Children

Whether you are prospective adoptive parents or a birth mother looking for the right family, I can help. I have had the privilege of helping in more than 5,000 adoptions. Even though I have had the joy of being a part of many adoptions, I take the time necessary for each and every person I work with.

Adoption Experience You Can Trust

Today, I focus my practice entirely on adoptions, including:

I help both prospective adopting parents and birth mothers understand their rights and obligations when going through the adoption process. Please note that while I represent both birth mothers and adopting parents, I do not represent birth mothers and adopting parents in the same adoption. In over 30 years of practice as an adoption attorney, I have been a part of almost every type of adoption imaginable. That being said, I also know that each adoption is unique.

Service Focused On Your Needs

Based in southern Indiana, I work with birth mothers and adopting families anywhere in Indiana. If your adoption is an interstate adoption — that is when the birth mother and adopting parents live in different states — if either the birth mother or adopting parents live in Indiana, I can assist.

As your lawyer, I'm available any time to help you, even on weekends or in the evening. I can also meet with you outside my office, if you find that more convenient.

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I purposefully don't have traditional "office hours" because I am available to help 24/7.

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